Salvatore Petrelli - Misconception prevail

Salvatore's Reflection

When I received the great news from Elliot, my lawyer, I didn’t believe him at first. When someone gives me any good news, I don’t believe them. Good news usually comes from good things. I do not deserve good in my life. I was charged with the murder of 8 people along with a slew of other charges. I was in prison waiting for my day in court when the shit hit the fan. Fast forward, and here I am. I’m sitting at a computer typing out a blog entry. So what is this going to be about, you ask? Do bad people deserve good things?

I, Salvatore Petrelli, am a very bad man. I am the kind of person you would see in a dark ally and run for your life. When little kids see me, they crap their pants, then run. The grinch who stole Christmas has nothing on me. When my real dad told me the truth, I had the hope that one day I would fit in. I would be loved. I was so wrong. Al Petrelli was nothing less than evil. I watched him hurt countless people who needed something more than what they got. They deserved a chance. He took everything away from every one of his victims. He was a vile man in a wheelchair. Sure he could walk some, but he used the chair most of the time. He didn’t say it, but I think he got off on, leading people to believe that he was frail and helpless. They let their guard down, and he would strike.

I watched everything that Al did, and I knew he was wrong, but I didn’t do anything. Not one thing. I could have helped so many people. There was a woman who tried to save her sister from the clutches of Al and his men. She made a deal that she would assume her sister's debt and her sister would go to the hospital. Sure the sister went to the hospital. Al played his games, the same shit he did with me. He had her fired. Al has a way of pushing people to do exactly what he wants them to do. It is usually by force. He had his damn thugs visit her employer, and they pressured them to let her go. When she questioned him and disrespected his delicate ego, his goons held her as he beat her. He took his cane and broke her teeth, then he pulled her pants down and continued to assault her with his cane. I watched it happen and did nothing. I did nothing, and that renders me a bad guy. So many people make excuses for me. They say, Sal, you were drugged, Sal you were manipulated. That leads me to the question – do bad guys deserve good things?

I know that I do not deserve happiness, but I owe it to the people who see that I have potential and deserve a second chance to be happy and be a better person. I find that it feels good when I do nice things for other people. That, too, is new for me. I was so focused on survival instead of thriving. I want to think that I turned a new leaf. My new family thinks I am hard on myself. They tell me that I need to reassess my life. They ask me how much of my actions were actually reactions. I do not know what to think. No matter how you feel or what you believe about bad guys like me, It is possible that you could have it all wrong. Let the misconception prevail.